We are a couple who genuinely wants to help others. We first-hand know the pain of having bad skin and what aging does to the skin. We also know the delight that comes with finding the perfect skincare products and routines to improve our skin.

The team consists of Simona who is a licensed esthetician and Hyun who is an aging Korean. We also share the skincare products with family and friends to get their feedback so you may read their inputs in our reviews.

Being a licensed esthetician means we bring medical expertise but we don’t stop there.

We adhere to a strict and honest review process.

We make sure the products and brands are real and genuine. We first-hand test the products for a reasonable amount of time before writing a review.

Lastly, we make sure to read up on the ingredients. Reading through countless pages of research and data is part of what we do.

Our Expertise

Simona is a licensed esthetician. Though she is a young professional, there’s no doubt she cares about your skin. She specializes in Korean skincare. Before diving into any product she’ll read all the available info out there to share all the finer details.

Hyun is a Korean in his early 30’s who helps with the operations. He’ll make sure the content reaches you in the best way possible.

In-depth Research

One thing we do better than anyone is research and review.

We make sure the products are what the brands claim them to be. We go the extra step in reading medical journals and research papers to see if there are additional findings or insights we can share.

Skincare Industry

The skincare industry is full of unlicensed bloggers, journalists, and influencers who are always pushing products even if they don’t know anything about said products (let alone try them) or don’t even speak a word of Korean. We want to change this.

You can read our reviews knowing that we actually have an interest in the products, and use the products ourselves. Being Korean means we actually know about Korean skincare best.